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The Yarqon River Authority is a statutory authority established in 1988 under the Streams and Springs Authorities Law (1965).  The Authority incorporates 18 different public organizations including 7 local authorities bordering the river banks, as well as government ministries and additional organizations.
The Authority’s functions include drainage works, rehabilitating the river and adapting it for leisure and recreational purposes.

In 1996 a master plan for the Yarqon River was drafted that called primarily for the creation of a green belt in the region and aimed to transform the Yarqon from a “rundown backyard” into an “attractive front garden”.  The River Authority works to restore the river’s ecosystem, improve water quality, propose solutions to solve the drainage and sewage problems, and also preserve archaeological structures along the river’s banks and additional similar activities.

Ever since the Authority began its work a significant improvement in the quality of the water in the Yarqon and its environs has been evident.  The rehabilitation works and maintenance of the Yarqon River constitute an important and essential part of the Authority’s endeavors.  The Authority works constantly in maintaining the river’s channel and banks, removing sediment and disposing of junk and logs, which might endanger the river and rowers or sailors using it, and the Authority is also actively involved in restoring the weirs and general cleaning.

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