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Overview of the River

In common with all rivers, the Yarqon River was created by nature and is the result of thousands of years of work by natural elements such as rainfall and water flows, which cut out river beds to allow the water to flow towards its base level i.e., the Mediterranean Sea.

The Yarqon constitutes a defined hydrological unit, where processes are dynamic, ongoing to this very day and everlasting.  What makes things different today is that we see the river as it is “evolving” and come to realize that our actions are in fact intervention, which leaves its mark both on the process and on us, mostly with a negative outcome.
The Yarqon’s channel begins at the water lilies pond, which is part of the Rosh Ha’Ayin springs, at the outlet from the Yarqon-Taninim aquifer.  The surface elevation in this area is approximately +17 meters.
The channel’s length from the water lilies pond to the sea is 27.5 km while the distance as the crow flies is about 15 km.  The average incline is about 0.6 thousandths.

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