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Biological pest control using owls and falcons

By Yonathan Raz, an ecologist with the Yarqon River Authority

An initiative for the biological pest control of rodents, which cause damage to agriculture, began in the Yarqon River environs.
The Yarqon River Authority initiated this project in which 30 nest boxes for barn owls and falcons are currently in position on eucalyptus trees along the banks of the River Yarqon.

The boxes are supposed to provide the barn owls and falcons (natural predators) with a place to settle so that they serve as biological pest control agents in agriculture.

This initiative’s goal is to put a stop to the use of chemical pesticides in agricultural fields in the Yarqon’s environs.
An educational program associated with this initiative is run by the Yarqon School at the South Sharon Regional Council in cooperation with the Sharon Ecological Center in the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

The introduction of the Yarqon initiative forms part of a national program, which has been managed with considerable success for several decades now by Dr. Yossi Leshem from the Department of Zoology at Tel Aviv University.

Wishing the biological pest control agents every success.

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