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Dear hikers and visitors,
The renewal and rehabilitation of the river bring with them to the Yarqon an abundance of leisure and recreational activities, such as bicycle paths, car tours and walks.
To allow all of us to enjoy nature and the landscape which the Yarqon has to offer please observe the following rules:

  • When visiting keep trails marked only on the map!
  • The state of the roads and paths vary according to the seasons.  In winter there is always a risk of slipping on the wet ground or sinking in the mud (applies also for motor vehicles).  In the summertime, sand may cause difficulties.
  • Do not cross the river when flooded.  The river may be crossed only on bridges or at designated locations.
  • Please note that there may be motor traffic in the park area.
  • The summer heat and conditions on the ground make small animals flee into bushes, into burrows and under stones and other objects.  If you do not bother the animals then they will not hurt you.  By putting your hands into these concealed places you are running the risk of being stung or bitten (by a snake).

Bathing in the River Yarqon is forbidden and drinking the water from the river or eating the fish is also prohibited.

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