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Aims & Objectives

The Yarqon River Authority aims to implement a number of objectives.  The principal objective is to formulate various plans and implement them, rehabilitate the river and its environs, establish an educational system featuring training and research facilities, increasing public awareness of topics associated with the river as well as raising funds to realize these objectives.

Principal objectives attained and their implementation currently in progress:
Master Plan;
Formulating an integrative planning policy to reduce the risk of flooding in built-up areas;
Two partial regional planning schemes;
Increasing public awareness of a range of subjects connected with the Yarqon and recognizing the river’s needs when working with many different bodies on matters relating to planning, infrastructure and land use;
Rehabilitation of the ecosystem and restoration of the habitats; creation of a buffer zone to solve some of the pollution problems;
Conducting research to learn about the factors and processes affecting the river;
Planning and constructing bicycle paths;
Preventing mosquito infestation using environmentally friendly means.

Future principal objectives:
Implementing the “Yarqon Rehabilitation” project;
Implementing a water regulation plan to reduce the risk of flooding in built-up areas.

Ecological rehabilitation
Continued creation of buffer zones and rehabilitation of the vegetation;
Restoration of habitats in the river, along with its banks and in the river’s corridor;
Continuing the work to save the Yarqon bleak fish;
Developing the river’s area for leisure and recreational activities;
Continuing work on the construction of bicycle paths;
Continuing the restoration work at heritage and historical sites;
Establishing a training center;
Raising the necessary funds to realize these objectives.

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