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The Yarqon River Authority’s duties and responsibilities are defined in clause no. 4 of the Yarqon River Authority Statute (1988): “The duties of the River Authority are to plan and implement the works outlined in detail in clause 3 (a) of this law, including the prevention of pollution in the river, its rehabilitation and adapting it for leisure and recreational purposes.”
Clause 3 (a) of the Streams and Springs Authorities Law (1965) states that:
“(a) It is the River Authority’s duty to plan and implement the work outlined in detail below, either all or part of them, to be determined in the said statute in accordance with clause 2:

  1. Regulating the water flow in the river to maintain an adequate water level throughout the year;
  2. Regular drainage of the Authority’s area;
  3. Determining the river’s course, or diverting the river’s flow or its sources to other channels;
  4. Removal of sanitation hazards affecting the pollution of the river or water source or the water flow;
  5. Preserving the landscape and nature’s gifts along both the river banks or around the spring, except for a stream or spring situated within the borders of a national park or nature reserve, which are defined elsewhere under the National Parks and Nature Reserves Act of 1963, and preparing these areas to serve as parks, leisure centers and sports facilities;
  6. Controlling the allocation of water among all the water’s interested parties;
  7. Regulating the use of the river and the water source by all the relevant interested parties.

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