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The media and the general public show a keen interest in the Yarqon River, and its links with the residents of the Dan Region and the Sharon area, as well as with the rest of Israel’s population are very important to us.  The public information office’s role is to respond to questions posed by the public and the media as well as to publicize information about what is happening in the river.
The Yarqon River Authority passes on information to the public via the media on subjects such as drainage and development work, the process of the river’s restoration as well as holiday and recreation activities along the whole length of the Yarqon.  The information provided through the media includes replies to questions submitted by journalists as well as issuing news items, which may also be viewed on this website or in other news media.  The announcements in the media are aimed at informing the general public about the work being implemented in the Yarqon River and updating them about special events.

We maintain regular contacts with reporters covering environmental issues and with those who report regularly on the Yarqon River area.  The process, by which the information is provided, results in a positive review of the Yarqon River and ensures its constant presence on the public agenda.

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